What is Couscous?

Let yourself be inspired by this unique product

Couscous is served almost daily in North Africa and the Near East as a staple and main course.

We selected just a few benefits of many other health-promoting effects that Couscous provides. The low-calorie grain is considered to be extremely nutritious and rich in fibre. 

… contains a lot of niacin

… rich in proteins

… provides a lot of iron

… offers a lot of magnesium

…has plenty of potassium

... supports digestion


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Manufacturing process

Many steps for the optimal product

The manufacturing process of our product comprises a variety of different procedures, which leads to our Couscous being considered an absolutely natural and healthy product. Would you like to receive detailed information about the manufacturing process? Contact us via contactform or by phone at +49 (0) 52 58 / 9 77 88 20.

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