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From the Mediterranean to European kitchens

In the past decades, more and more products from the Mediterranean area have successfully entered European cuisine. Natural, healthy and traditional products are particularly valued and shine with great popularity.

With this in mind, we, Natural Food Trading GmbH, would like to introduce ourselves as an exclusive European contractual partner to one of the world's largest Bulgur producers in Southeastern Anatolia (Turkey).

Natural Food Trading GmbH and its managing director from Mesopotamia, Huseyin Zengin, have taken the need for pure, unspoilt raw materials into account and supply European customers with experienced Bulgur producers and exclusive contract partners directly under strict IFS broker certification   . 

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What makes us unique

High quality products with a story

Our bulgur, a traditional durum wheat product, was cultivated in Mesopotamia two thousand years before Christ.

Excellent climatic conditions in this region with a lot of sun and little rain enable the cultivation of a natural, high-quality durum wheat product with incomparably good taste.

Intensive research by well-respected specialist laboratories also shows that the original home between the Euphrates and Tigris allows wheat to grow which, in comparison with other regions and countries of origin, enables the Bulgur end product to be of top quality.

We are happy to convince you!

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Certified quality

With competence to high quality products
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Let yourself be surprised

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

It is important to us as a partner to be able to provide you with the best possible advice and all the information you need about our products. To ensure this, our entire processes are perfectly coordinated and coordinated. This is the only way we can ensure that you are satisfied with our natural and healthy products.

We are happy to help you with questions about our products, production processes or general questions about our company.

We only trade in healthy and natural products

Our products come from natural and sustainable cultivation

We are a reliable and certified supplier

We work with heart and love what we do

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